Resimli Filim Animation Studio

About Us

Resimli filim is a Turkey based animation studio specialized on naurative and character driven animation.

We develop and produce high qualitly animation shows and content.
Our Show “Maysa and Bulut” was a finalist at 2014 Prix Jeneusse. “Ege and Gaga” was also a finalist at 2015 Japon Prize.


Our broadcasts on TV.

Ege and Gaga

“Ege and Gaga” is an animation Tv series for preschool children. The main characters of the show are a little boy named Ege and his best frient Gaga, a talking crow. The series is about their adventures of exploring nature and their sorroundings. In each episode they find and learn something new and record it to their notebook with pictures and photos.

Maysa and Bulut

Maysa and Bulut is an animated TV series about a girl named Maysa and his best friend Bulut, who are living with their families of a Yörük tribe named Akçaobalı. Yörüks of Turkey are still following the traditional Turkish nomadic life style. They are living in tents, possess no land or private property other than their sheeps and camels.

Turkish Lullabies

The Miniature Tales